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Double-end tenoner
This mainly is used to process two-end shape for solid wood article or solid wood composite board article, for example, solid wood composite floor board, solid wood floor board, door/window frame and furniture board element and the like; this features superior precision,particularly blade-leaping unit avoiding any breakage while processing.
Provide possible spindle configuration according to customer's request,Especial length request from 1.2 meter to 5 meters is provided.

Max. Working width
1800 mm
Sawing spindle rotation
2840 r/min
Min. working length
400 mm
Bottom saw blade size
Ф250XФ25.4X3 mm
Max. working thickness
6-20 mm
Top saw blade size
Ф230XФ25.4X3 mm
Max working width
300 mm
Vertical spindle rotation
7000 r/min
Feeding speed
6~30 m/min
Click spindle rotation
6000~8000 r/min
Click milling cutter diameter
Ф180 mm
Click milling spindle motor power
2.2KW × 2 (sets)
Vertical milling cutter diameter
Ф160~200 mm
Width adjusting motor power
0.75 KW
Sawing shaft diameter
Ф25.4 mm
In-feeding motor power
3 KW
Vertical spindle motor power
3kw ×6 (sets)
Total power
30.55 KW
Cutting spindle motor
2.2kw×4 (sets)
4550×2600×1670 mm
With the unique jumping mechanism, the wood being horizontally cut will not be broken, even without sawing. The floor plates are sent into the running bearings of the machining track with the material feeder and delivery rubber rollers, and the guide rails are made with extra hard materials, ensuring the machining precision. With the imported PLC and the frequency conversion device, the double-end miller works very smooth.
With the compact sawing shaft mechanism, the cutters are closed to the pressing belt, ensuring the machining stability. Precision feeding system and roller alongside can make the stabliy feeding. Structure acting as ball-screw makes machine have more accurate adjustment.
Forcefully feeding decelerator features speed regulation by frequency inverter The pressing plate and extra hard supplementary work table, the floor machining is very precise. With electric lifting device, the pressing system is more easily operated. With the built-in cleaning brush wheel, the dust inside the track guide rail can be cleaned automatically.
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