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The main parts such ad machine frame and worktable etc are made from aged cast iron and precisely machined, has the features of high accuracy and good vibration absorbition. Special speed adjustment device combining with power torque worm reducer, enables to select a feed speed according to actual need Equipped with imported digital display device for series H, operation is convenient. And the working accuracy is up to 0.01mm ,enables to vision the speed of Feed. Imported overseas oil pump lubricates each lubrication point regularly ang quantificationally. And the machine will automatically stop case of lackage of oil
The feeding unit can be adjusted upwards and downwards, the elevating range reaches 10mm ,and thus the processing precision can be enhanced with powerful feeding Provided with driven feed roller structure , ensuring a stronger and smoother feeding .Equipped with overloading protection mechanism. Equipped with pressure plate guarantees short workqiece smooth machining, increasing production output
Double side planer series


Model No. MTMB204F MTMB204H MTMB206F MTMB206H
Working width 430mm 430mm 630mm 630mm
Working thickness 120mm 120mm 150mm 150mm
Min working length 260mm 260mm 260mm 260mm
max cutting depth (upper spindle) 10mm 10mm 7mm 7mm
Max cutting depth (bottom spindle) 8mm 8mm 5mm 5mm
Tool cutting circle diameter Φ101mm Φ101mm Φ101mm Φ101mm
Spindle speed 5000r/min 5000r/min 4800r/min 4800r/min
Feed speed 4-16m/min 6-26m/min 4-16m/min 6-26m/min
upper & bottom spindle motor 7.5/5.5kw 11/7.5kw 11/7.5kw 15/11kw
feed motor 2.2kw 3kw 3kw 4kw
machine weight 1860kg 2060kg 2500kg 2800kg

Main characteristics in product

With good shock-absorbed quality ,stable iron casting lathe and numeral-controlled processing center that can process all materials once, it is good for knife spindle and feeding.

The main spindle is processed specially and the other imported spindles with high precision can well support the whole machine.

With elastic pedrail scratcher (optional in functions) ; the pressed distance of the elastic scratchers can be chose according to the thickness and curvature of the wood so as to increase the processing precision and strengthen the feeding.

The knife spinele, pressing roller and stable feeder on the lathe with manual and automatic adjustable structure make sure the orientation more speedily and exactly .

Imported electrical components keep the whole machine works fast and safely. H-shaped series of products are equipped with imported numerical display unit, the processing thickness can be controlled directly on operation panel, the precision can be up to 0.01mm and the feed speed can be adjusted.

The worktable is processed specially to become more wearable.

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