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Four side planer series, 5 axes
Model No. MTMB5012H MTMB5016H MTMB5023H
Processing width 20-120mm 20-160mm 20-230mm
Processing thickness 8-100mm 8-100mm 5-125mm
Feeding speed 5-20mm 5-20mm 5-20mm
Feeding power 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Dia. of cutter arbor 40mm 40mm
Knife speed 6000rpm 6000rpm 6000rpm
Bottom shaft travel 20mm 20mm
Bottom shaft power 2.2kw 3kw 4kw
Left shaft power 2.2kw 3kw 5.5kw
Right shaft power 2.2kw 3kw 4kw
Max. turning circle φ115mm
Upper shaft #1 power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Upper shaft #2 power 3kw 4kw 5.5KW
Max. turning circle φ135mm φ145mm
Cross beam lifting and lowering power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Total power 16.55kw 21.45kw 29.45kw
Total weight 2000kgs 2300kgs 2700kgs

Main characteristics

We can produce specific planer with different Qty cutting axes, 4 sides with planing width 300mm and planing thickness 200mm.

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