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Linear Profile Sander
Model No.: MTMM-S3W2
Min. working width: 50~130mm
Min. working length: 660mm
Max. working thickness: 10~80mm
Triangle-sanding unit: Max. sanding width: 60mm
Sanding wheel: Max. sanding width: 80mm
Feeding speed: 11.5~57m/ min
Feeding motor: 1pc, 380v/ 50Hz, 1.5kw, 1400rpm
Triangle-sanding unit motor: 3pcs, 380v/ 50Hz, 2.2kw, 1400rpm
Tilting motor: 3pcS, 380v/ 50Hz, 0.12kw, 1400rpm
Sanding belt unit motor: 1pc, 380v/ 50Hz, 2.2kw, 1410rpm
Sanding belt size: 2040x(60~100)mm
Sanding belt linear velocity: 8~18m/ s (30Hz~70Hz)
Sanding unit tilting range: 0° ~ +90°
Sanding belt pneumatic pressure: 0.2~0.3Mpa
Sanding pad pneumatic pressure: 0.2~0.5Mpa
Sanding wheel: 2pcs, 380v/ 50Hz, 2.2kw, 1410rpm
Sanding wheel(girth x width): 840x100mm
Sanding unit tilting range: 0° ~ +90°
Total power: 12.86Kw
Working voltage: 380v/ 50Hz
Dimension: 6050x2000x1750mm
N.W: 3200kgs


- Suitable for sanding beeline or L shape wood linear and three face, two angle can be finished at one time;
- Frequency inverter speed control, all kinds of wooden material are suitable and easily operate;
- Belt conveyer feeding, ensure the sanding quality;
- Seperate press, suitable for curved suface sanding;
- Servo controller and ball bearing screw realize auto feeding compensation. Undertake the sanding effect from the - - - change of the sanding wheel.

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